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Which Type of Dialysis Treatment is Best for Me?

As a patient begins speaking with their doctor about dialysis treatment, it’s important to understand the types of dialysis, what each treatment does and who is a good fit for the different techniques. While it’s natural to have questions about treatment plans, Pee Dee Nephrology also wants you to feel empowered to be proactive in your treatment and understand which dialysis plan is best for you.

There are two main types of dialysis to consider: hemodialysis and peritoneal. The main differences between the two types of treatment are the amount of time each can take and where the treatments are normally performed.


During hemodialysis your blood is essentially cleaned of any impurities as it filters through the dialysis machine, or dialysis membrane. Dialysis Florence specialists will explain that these treatments consist of a plastic tube being placed between your artery and vein – either in the arm or leg – and using two needles, one that sends your blood to the machine and the second that returns the blood into your body.

The dialysis machine has an artificial kidney of sorts, called the dialyzer, that filters out all the toxins, ensures electrolyte levels are correct and cleans your blood before it is returned to your body. This treatment is typically performed three times a week on alternating days and takes about 2.5 to 4.5 hours for each treatment. While hemodialysis can be performed at home, it is more often completed in a dialysis center, like Pee Dee Nephrology.


Nephrology Florence treatment centers will explain that peritoneal dialysis involves a special plastic tube being placed into your abdominal cavity where a special fluid is placed. This process uses your own body tissues inside of the belly to act as a filter. Once the fluid is placed inside the plastic tube, it goes into the abdominal cavity and washes around the intestines.

The fluid is dumped, usually by a machine called the cycler, and clean fluid is re-administered to begin the process again. You can use different types of solutions to remove waste products and excess water from your body. Peritoneal dialysis is often done at home while you’re asleep as the process takes up to 10 hours to complete.

Which Treatment is Best for Me?

For the right person, and with guidance from doctors in your area or from Pee Dee Nephrology, home dialysis can work well. But with the freedom of controlling your own dialysis, you must be willing to take on the responsibility to keep yourself healthy. You must take extra care to ensure all your equipment is clean at all times to avoid any type of infection.

Treatment within a dialysis Florence center allows you the convenience to come in on your schedule, receive quality treatment, and not have to worry about the sterilization or maintenance of equipment.

Have a conversation with your dialysis Florence doctor to see which treatment method best fits your diagnosis and lifestyle.