Dialysis treatment takes on some of the actions of healthy kidneys. It is typically needed when there’s an 85 to 90% reduction in kidney function – at end stage kidney failure. Essentially, it is needed when kidneys can no longer function to take care of your needs.

Understanding Dialysis Treatment

Dialysis works to keep healthy kidneys in working order allowing them to perform their important functions for your overall health and well-being.

  • Help control blood pressure
  • Remove waste from your body, remove excess salt and water so they do not build up in the body
  • Helps to maintain safe levels of chemicals in your bloodstream like potassium, sodium and bicarbonate

Kidney Failure

One of the top questions asked about kidney disease is if it’s permanent. Typically, it is. There are some cases where dialysis is only needed until the kidney’s get better. If there’s a diagnosis of chronic or end stage kidney failure, dialysis would be needed for the rest of your life.

Where Is Dialysis Done?

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