kidney disease and soda

The Effects of Soda Consumption on Your Kidneys

Sodas are known by many names across the globe; they come in many packages, flavors, and colors. However, whether they are called “carbonated drinks”, “pops”, “soft drinks”, or “fizzy drinks”, they all have the same basic formula: carbonated water, sweeteners, and flavorings. This simple formula has facilitated the creation of a wide variety of sodas; … Continued

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kidney disease diet

The Kidney Patient Diet and Protein

One of the most important things patients with kidney disease need to understand is the role of dietary proteins in their bodies – and how these proteins can affect their kidney disease management. By understanding what proteins are, how the body makes use of them, and how they affect the kidneys, patients with kidney disease … Continued

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kidney disease treatment options

Kidney Disease Treatment Options

Kidney Disease Treatment Options Chronic Kidney Disease (often referred to as “kidney disease” or CKD) refers to kidney damage that may result in reduced kidney function. There are many different causes of kidney disease; however, high blood pressure and diabetes are the most common. Both conditions place a strain on the kidneys which eventually results … Continued

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diet for healthy kidneys

Your Diet and Kidney Disease

What Should I Eat If I Have Kidney Disease? If you suffer from kidney disease, you need to watch what you eat. If you aren’t careful, you could weaken or damage your kidneys. Conversely, adopting a healthy diet can slow down the progression of your kidney disease. A kidney-healthy lifestyle has two basic elements: a … Continued

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kidney disease

Understanding Kidney Disease

Understanding Kidney Disease Millions of people around the world suffer from kidney disease. In the United States alone, an estimated one out of every ten adults (roughly 26 million people) have this disease (at least some degree). People are often unaware of this condition until they start to exhibit symptoms. However, by this time, their … Continued

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