side effects of dialysis

Dealing with the Side Effects of Dialysis

Dealing with the Side Effects of Dialysis Whether you’re just starting dialysis appointments or the treatments have been part of your healthcare routine for some time, you may feel some side effects of dialysis. Dialysis is the manual procedure that mirrors what healthy kidneys do for the body. The process is used to filter harmful … Continued

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kidney disease florence south carolina

Understanding Kidney Disease

Understanding Kidney Disease Life factors can contribute to your likelihood of being diagnosed with kidney disease. Family history, race, and age can all play a part, and are unfortunately out of your control. The good news is there are plenty of choices that are within your control that can help you prevent kidney disease. So … Continued

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kidney disease and soda

The Effects of Soda Consumption on Your Kidneys

Sodas are known by many names across the globe; they come in many packages, flavors, and colors. However, whether they are called “carbonated drinks”, “pops”, “soft drinks”, or “fizzy drinks”, they all have the same basic formula: carbonated water, sweeteners, and flavorings. This simple formula has facilitated the creation of a wide variety of sodas; … Continued

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